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Hi! We are Gwen and Steph, and we are the founders of HelloCocooners.com. Making the world a more relaxed place is our goal. The fact that you visit our website excites us. We love to help you on your journey to bring more relaxation into your life!

“More relaxation will not only bring you happiness and health but will have a positive impact on your surroundings and loved ones too. Let’s make this world a more relaxed and happy place to be!”

Who are we? The short version: we used to work together, and after 10 years we reconnected by chance and had so much to talk about! Gwen has worked in several corporate senior management positions across the globe and runs an HRM/change consulting firm, and Steph runs a 6-figure freelancing company.

Reconnecting after all these years seemed to have started a process we could not foresee. We changed our lives radically to make it more relaxed, healthy and fun! We joined forces in 2018 and what a ride it turned out to be.

Stressful lives

We were amazed by how many similarities our lives have had. In past years we both have lived quite stressful lives and experienced physical impacts like tiredness, migraines, leaky gut, and autoimmune disease. During these times we both tried all kinds of known and less known methods for relaxation like yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques.


We have been on the same journey finding ways to relax, and honestly, a lot of our friends and relatives are. Our talks evolved into hour-long discussions, and we felt so much energy on this topic that we decided to team up more frequently. We started to study best practices to relax more in-depth and came to some conclusions.

  1. Wow, what an overwhelming offering of courses, methods, and teachers are there out there! Finding the right one for you is a trial and error reality.
  2. The ‘method hopping effect.’ A lot of people seem to hop from one method to another, quickly getting disappointed by the low impact and effects of their efforts.
  3. And…what a scattered and contradicting landscape, it is. We found this one indeed the most annoying! According to one guru, this is great to do, followed by someone else explaining why this is the worst thing you can do. 10.000 views and answers on the same topic and often contradictory.


So, we started a journey together! Looking at our own experiences, doing a lot of research not only on ways to relax but also on building habits, changing behaviors effectively and the influence of universal principles, we started building a simple and practical method to relax and recharge. We call our method Cocooning.

We genuinely believe that we sometimes just need time to unplug and reconnect with ourselves. We see a trend in society with people living rollercoaster lives, with continuous outward focus and ongoing action. The group of people not feeling really healthy and happy seems bigger than ever.


Since August 2018 we are entirely dedicated and focused on bringing HelloCocooners to its next stage. We live and breathe the concept, we develop content, are preparing courses and hope to inspire you every day.

We can say that we have become Cocooners!

We live a life in which relaxing and recharging energy is key to being effective and healthy. This strong foundation guides us on our true path in life concerning work, relationships and where/how to live.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us. We love to hear and learn from you too! Please feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message at hello [@] hellococooners.com.

We’re so happy that you are here on this journey with us!



Steph & Gwen
Founders, HelloCocooners.com


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