Do you remember having to mess with a lot of cables to listen to music? I am glad that time is over! Some years ago, the market got flooded with Bluetooth speakers that enable you to enjoy music when and where you want without needing a bunch of cables. Bluetooth speakers are amazing because of their portability, size, and features. And if you pick a good quality speaker, you’ll also have excellent sound quality.

Best Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you may notice the overwhelming amount of options to choose from. What is the best Bluetooth speaker? We went out of our way to listen to lots of them and would like to share our findings with you!

What makes a Bluetooth speaker the best Bluetooth speaker?

To make sure we review all speakers in the same fashion, we use a few criteria. We look at:


The most important aspect of every speaker: sound quality. We listened carefully to find out what speaker had the best sound.


You want good quality sound, but the speaker also has to look good in your cocoon.


Is the speaker made of quality materials? Does it feel solid? We checked it for you!


Nothing more annoying than a speaker that isn’t easy to connect to your devices. Your speaker should have excellent usability.

Value for money

Bluetooth speakers are available in all price brackets. What is the best affordable speaker? We did the research. We will give you a rough price indication since prices can change quickly and products can be on sale.

$ – Low budget
$$ – Medium budget
$$$ – Higher budget

Now you know what we look for in a speaker, continue with our reviews!

The best Bluetooth speakers

It’s tough to make a real top 5 because all the speakers differ from each other. Add to this the different requirements every reader has and forming a top 5 seems like an impossible task. That is why our top 5 has a random order. We find the following five Bluetooth speakers the best on the market.

JBL Charge 2+

Price point: $$$

JBL Charge 2+

This Bluetooth speaker is currently playing my Spotify music while I am writing this review. I’ve been using the JBL Charge 2+ for almost a year now, and I am delighted with it. I use it to enjoy music, but also for playing the sound of the movies I watch.

What makes this speaker special, is the clear sound and great bass. The JBL Charge 2+ is easy to use, and it has excellent battery life. The speaker is splashproof and it has a battery indicator on top. The only disadvantage of this speaker is the lack of a way to connect your phone using NFC. I don’t think this is a big disadvantage because the Bluetooth connection is flawless. I can take my phone to other rooms and the JBL Charge 2+ keeps playing.

A significant feature of this speaker is that you can use it as a portable charger for your phone. The speaker is available in different colors and comes with its own charging cable. I’ve got the black version. The design is sleek, and the speaker has great build quality. The only design flaw is the narrow bottom of the speaker. It can easily tip over sometimes. Other users complain about fingerprints being visible on the rubber exterior. I didn’t encounter this problem.

A superb quality speaker for an affordable price!


  • Great sound quality
  • Good bass
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Also serves as a portable charger for your phone
  • Has a battery indicator
  • It’s possible to connect up to three devices
  • Superb battery life
  • Comes with its own charger
  • Splashproof


  • Can tip over easily
  • No NFC
  • Some users complain about fingerprints being visible on the rubber exterior

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Bose Soundlink Color II

Price Point: $$$$

Bose Soundlink Color II

The Bose Soundlink Color II is a colorful Bluetooth speaker. It is available in five different colors. This little speaker has a very clear sound. If you like to listen to music with heavy bass, the Bose speaker might disappoint you a bit.

The design of the Bose Soundlink Color II is clean and sleek and that’s why Gwen has the white speaker in her living room. The speaker is quite small, and you can easily take it with you. The Bluetooth connection is good. Most Bluetooth speakers use a sound to let you know it is ready to pair with your device. The Bose speaker has a female voice that updates you on the status of the speaker.

The Sound is very clear, but it lacks some bass. Something a lot of users complain about is the limited battery life. It should work for eight hours on a full battery, but it does seem to run out of power before that. Gwen hasn’t experienced this problem herself.


  • Clear sound
  • Nice design
  • It’s possible to connect 8 different devices
  • NFC functionality
  • Splashproof


  • It doesn’t come with its own charger
  • Some users complain about battery life

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Price Point: $$

“Wow” was the first thing I uttered when I turned on this speaker. My expectations were low because of the size and design of the speaker, but the sound quality is amazing!

If you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker with great sound, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is an excellent choice. I didn’t like the design, but there is no accounting for taste. The sound quality is excellent, and I wouldn’t expect a tiny speaker like the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom to be so loud! The volume buttons are enormous, but one could argue that that is a logical choice because they are the most used buttons on every speaker.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is waterproof. You can keep it under water for 30 minutes (depth: 3 ft). Because of the round shape of the speaker, it provides 360 degrees sound. What I found one of the coolest features is the ability to link up to 150 (!) Ultimate Ears speakers. I don’t think you will buy 150 Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speakers, but it is convenient if you have a party or want to listen to the same music in different rooms. I don’t know of any other affordable Bluetooth Speaker that has this feature.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is our favorite. If I ever need to replace my JBL Charge 2+, I’ll definitely get myself an Ultimate Ears Wonderboom! In my opinion this is the best bluetooth speaker for this price!



  • Great value for money
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Amazing sound for this price and size
  • Small speaker, so easy to store or take with you
  • Available in lots of different colors
  • You can link up to 150 Ultimate Ears speakers!


  • No NFC functionality
  • No battery indicator
  • No complete charger, only a cable
  • No AUX port, you can only connect via Bluetooth

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Sony SRS-XB30

Price point: $$$

Sony SRS-XB30

I am very impressed with the sound quality of the Sony SRS-XB30. If you like to listen to music with heavy bass, this Sony Bluetooth speaker will be right up your alley.

If you take a look at the picture, you might assume that the speaker only plays music via the front of the device. That is not the case. There is also a speaker located on the back of the Sony SRS-XB30. This speaker is not your ordinary speaker. It also comes with light effects in the form of a stroboscope and LED lights. I didn’t like the lights, but a lot of other users love them! The lights flash to the beat of the music. You can control them using an app.

Next to functioning as a speaker and light show, this speaker has some other features. Users comment on the limited time it takes to charge the battery of the speaker. You can also use the Sony SRS-XB30 as a charger for your phone. Linking the Sony speaker to other Sony speakers is possible. What I also liked about this speaker were the controls on the speaker. It has great usability.

Sony SRS-XB30_kleuren


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good battery life. Charges fast.
  • You can link this Bluetooth speaker to other Sony speakers
  • Possibility to connect via Bluetooth and NFC
  • Waterproof
  • You can use the speaker as a portable charger
  • Includes lights for your personal light show


  • NFC isn’t the most stable connection in this device
  • The speaker is relatively heavy

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Price point: $

jbl go

I didn’t expect too much from this little JBL speaker. How on earth would it be possible to produce a decent speaker for this price? But JBL did it! If you have a tight budget, the JBL GO is your best option.

The JBL GO is a cute little speaker. The sound is excellent for such a tiny speaker. Don’t expect to blast music at a busy party with this device, but to relax at home the JBL GO is a good choice.

The design is a bit boxy, but it does have a decent build quality. It feels sturdy and to make it even better: it’s splashproof. Connection, the JBL GO, is a piece of cake. One thing I missed when using this speaker, was a battery indicator but you can’t expect too many features for this price.

This isn’t the best Bluetooth speaker, but it is a great choice if you have a tight budget.


  • Great value for money
  • Good choice for people on a tight budget
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Small


  • No battery indicator
  • The cord to charge the battery is very short
  • Not much bass

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