It’s winter, and that means shivering in bed! Do you dislike cold and would you like to make things a bit more comfortable? Then you should consider getting yourself a flannel duvet cover. If you are thinking about buying a flannel duvet, first read our article. We’ll explain what to look for, what to buy and how to take care of your flannel duvet. You’ll be all set to enjoy lots of warm and cozy nights!

Buy flannel duvet cover

1. A flannel duvet cover is warm

If you dislike the cold winters, nothing is more horrifying than having to step into a cold bed at night! With a flannel duvet cover, getting into bed will be a lot more comfortable. Your bed will be warm when you get in because of the way manufacturers produce flannel.

Flannel is made by pulling a thick fabric over heavy steel cylinders. Each of these cylinders has thousands of sharp metal spikes. During this process, hundreds of thousands of short fibers get pulled from the main fabric. This procedure forms millions of isolating air pockets. These pockets are responsible for the warm feeling of your flannel duvet cover. The isolating air pockets also retain the warmth of your body.

2. Flannel might improve the quality of your sleep

When you try to sleep in a cold bed, you will notice that it takes longer to fall asleep. If you have a flannel duvet cover, falling asleep will be easier because it doesn’t take long to warm up your bed with your body heat.

Flannel is also excellent in regulating the temperature of your bed. If you choose a cotton flannel duvet cover, you will enjoy the breathable fabric. Being this comfortable might improve your sleep.

3. A flannel duvet cover is affordable and durable

Flannel duvet covers can be a tad more expensive than other duvet covers. Pick a good quality flannel cover, take good care of it, and it will last a long time.

About to buy a flannel duvet cover? Learn what to look for.

Before you run into a shop to buy a flannel duvet cover, first read our tips. An important thing to consider, is there are different types of flannel. There is the typical cotton flannel, and you can also buy micro flannel.

Should I buy micro flannel or cotton flannel?

If you aren’t sure what kind of cotton you should buy, we have some tips for you.

Cotton flannel is the best choice for you if:

  • You sweat a lot during your sleep. Cotton flannel has the best breathable properties;
  • You don’t like synthetic fabrics;
  • You want to have the genuine cotton experience. You only experience all the remarkable properties of cotton when buying cotton flannel;
  • If you a more luxurious feel.

Micro flannel is the best choice for you if:

  • You have very dry or sensitive skin;
  • You have a small budget for your new duvet cover;
  • You want to buy a flannel duvet cover that is easy to take care of.

Pro’s and con’s of cotton flannel and micro flannel

Cotton flannel


  • Cotton is a breathable fabric;
  • Cotton has a drier feel to it. It is better at absorbing moisture;
  • Cotton feels ‘fuller’. The reason for this is that cotton is around 25% heavier than polyester. Because of its weight, cotton flannel has a more luxurious feel to it.


  • Cotton shrinks. Cotton needs on average three washing cycles before the shrinking stops. Most manufacturers have taken shrinking into account, so your comforter will still fit your duvet cover.
  • Cheap flannel cotton duvet covers can feel a bit rough. If you want the pleasant soft flannel feel, pick a cotton duvet cover in a higher price range.

Micro flannel


  • Softer than cotton flannel;
  • Cheaper. Like other polyester duvet covers, polyester flannel covers are a more affordable option;
  • More durable. Polyester fiber is stronger than cotton fiber;
  • Micro flannel tends to stay softer longer;
  • Micro flannel doesn’t pill as much as cotton flannel;
  • It doesn’t shrink as much as cotton;
  • Static electricity is not as common as with cotton flannel.


  • Gets sticky when you sweat. Polyester doesn’t absorb moisture;
  • Cheaper options aren’t as warm as you might like your cover to be;
  • Can feel a bit cheap.

Caring for your flannel duvet cover

Flannel covers change after washing them. If you buy a new duvet cover, it has been squeezed into its packaging for a long time. This causes the fibers to be squashed. During the first few washing cycles, the threads will get some more room. The washing will make your flannel duvet cover fluffier.

You might already know that flannel duvet covers tend to pill. If this happens, it mostly occurs during the first washing cycle. Pilling and flannel go together. There is nothing you can do to completely prevent it from happening.

How do you wash a flannel duvet cover?


  • Use cold water and centrifuge on a low setting.
  • Do not use any fabric softener. We know the smell is lovely, but it will make your flannel greasy and will ruin its breathable properties. It is better to use a cup of white vinegar.


  • Flannel pills, so it is best not to use your dryer. Just hang it out to dry. Your flannel will rub against itself, what can cause extra pilling. Add a few sprays of your favorite essential oil to give your duvet a wonderful smell.
  • If you do want to put your flannel in the dryer, be sure you don’t put clothes or other fabrics in your dryer. The fibers can make your flannel rougher.
  • Clean the filter of your dryer after drying your flannel cover.


  • If you want to remove the ‘pills’ from your cover, you can use a razor to remove the pills.

Ready to buy a flannel duvet cover?

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