Nothing beats the feeling of having a clean and tidy home. Your home is your sanctuary and should be a place where you sit back and relax. Being surrounded by clutter can be disturbing and can even lead to feelings of stress. We’ll explain why clutter causes stress and what to do about it.

Clutter makes life more stressful

1. Clutter is distracting

All that clutter distracts us from important things that need to be done. A messy home is the last place where you want to sit down and relax. Clutter causes our senses to respond to all kinds of stimuli.

2. Your work never seems done

When you walk into your messy home after a long day at work, your clutter can be incredibly overwhelming. Clutter will continuously remind you of all the things that need to get done. You left work thinking about a carefree night of leisure, but you wind up loading the dishwasher with dishes from last night. If you don’t keep up with things and procrastinate, your home duties will seem never-ending. I would say that this is the worst way in which clutter causes stress.

3. Clutter creates feelings of guilt

We all know the feelings of failure or guilt clutter can cause. Even if you are the tidiest person on the entire planet: we all have a closet, drawer or corner of the attic that is a complete mess. That one space that needs a thorough decluttering session.

Being confronted with that clutter can make you feel bad about yourself. Thoughts that might pop up in your head when you experience guilt about your clutter:

“I should be more organized.”
“Ugh, now I still haven’t cleared this away.”
“I should do this”
“I am so lazy.”

4. Clutter creates feelings of embarrassment

It’s the worst nightmare of every sloppy person: having unexpected visitors. Having a messy home can make you feel embarrassed when people come over, and you might find yourself excusing yourself for your mess to your guests.

5. Clutter creates frustration (can’t find stuff)

Another consequence of having a messy home is not being able to find things. Important paperwork, keys, that book you borrowed from your sister. It can be tremendously frustrating to have to sift through all your mess to find that one thing you are looking for.

6. Clutter costs time

You are ready to leave the house for a night out when you suddenly discover that you can’t find your wallet. It doesn’t only cost you extra time; your whole family has to wait until you find your wallet. Having to search for things can be a time-consuming bad habit.

7. Clutter costs you money

I already told you that being messy can be time-consuming, but did you know it can also be expensive? We might lose important things in our mess and need to replace those items. Some people even forget about gift cards (I am guilty of this myself), leaving hundreds of dollars unused in drawers and cupboards.

What to do about your clutter?

Feeling overwhelmed by all your clutter? There is a way out and there are some great tools you can use to stop clutter from causing you stress!

Read this awesome book

If clutter is causing you stress, I have a great book recommendation for you. Reading this book really changed the way I look at things and although I still lack some self-discipline to execute it (working on that!), this book is full of truth bombs and great tips written by an author who speaks from experience.

It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys 

Follow a course

Having a hard time following up on all the great tips from books, articles, and podcasts? Maybe you can use some help! We’ve scoured the internet to find courses on decluttering:

Clutter: Sorted! – Full ecourse

If you want to take your home from chaos to calm, Chrissy from offers a full 22-week course to help you declutter your home.
Check out the course

Goodbye Clutter!

Want to tackle all kinds of clutter, then Maria Gracia’s course is the place to go. She’ll help you get rid of physical, paper, digital and emotional clutter.
Check out the course

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