Being connected to the internet 24/7 can take a toll on our happiness and health. That’s why it’s a great idea to find a place where getting a connection takes some effort or isn’t possible at all. I once spent 10 days on a tiny uninhabited island in Indonesia without, brace yourself, phone reception AND an internet connection. It was a bit surreal to be disconnected from the world, but when I got used to it, it was amazingly relaxing and felt like heaven. I highly recommend doing a digital detox!


Digital Detox Destinations Asia

Our criteria for the digital detox destinations in Asia

We’ve found you some fantastic destinations in Asia. These 3 criteria helped us create our shortlist of favorite places to go:

  1. Has no or restricted internet connection
  2. Offers activities that are WiFi-free
  3. Relaxing vibe: a place that takes you out of the rat race

If the first thing you do when arriving at your destination is running up to the front desk and yelling: “give me the WiFi password!” some of these holiday destinations might scare you. If you are up for the challenge, this article will help you find an excellent spot for your technology free vacation in Asia!

5 destinations for your digital detox in Asia

India – The Windflower Resort

Situated near the border of National Park Bandipur you’ll find The Windflower Resort. This five-star nature resort has an outdoor pool and spa facilities. The restaurant serves Indian and continental dishes. The resort does have internet but only at the front desk.

Visitors praise the resort because of the visiting wildlife, the well-maintained rooms, the friendly staff, and the beautiful location. National Park Bandipur isn’t fenced, and that’s why you have the unique chance of encountering wildlife like monkeys and deer.

Connection: there is restricted access to the internet
WiFi-Free activities: who wants to look at their phone when you can spot wildlife and go on safari!
Relaxing vibe: the resort is located in nature

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Indonesia – Bolilanga Island Resort

Digital Detox Destinations in Asia

The tiny island of Bolelanga is part of the gorgeous Togean Islands. If you are looking for the ultimate place to relax, you’ll love this island.

There is no phone reception or internet connection, so you’ll have all the time in the world to go snorkeling around the island, feast on fresh fish during the wonderful meals, enjoy the beautiful sunsets from the pier and read all those books you brought with you.

Bolilanga Island Resort is also an excellent place to stay if you want to visit the nearby jellyfish lake.

Connection: there is no phone connection and no internet connection
WiFi-Free activities: snorkeling around the island, feasting on freshly caught fish, lounging on the pier, watching beautiful sunsets, visiting the jellyfish lake
Relaxing vibe: it won’t get more relaxed than this. Bolilanga Island Resort is an excellent location for your technology free vacation!

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The Maldives – Keyodhoo – Jupiter Sunrise Lodge

If you are looking for an authentic Maldivian experience (as opposed to staying in a big resort), this is the right place for you. This little lodge has a German owner and is run by a super friendly Maldivian staff. It’s located on the tiny inhabited island of Keyodhoo. The rooms are basic and clean, and the food is great.

They do have WiFi at the lodge, but chances are you’re too busy going on day trips (included in the price) to uninhabited islands and sandbanks where there is no internet connection. Everything is so beautiful; you’ll completely forget about the online world.

Connection: yes, they do have WiFi at the lodge, but you won’t spend much time there because you can take day trips almost every day!
WiFi-Free activities: watching tiny baby sharks swim around your feet on the local tourist beach, visiting breathtakingly beautiful sandbanks and deserted islands, snorkeling trips, night fishing and if you are into it: diving
Relaxing vibe: the locals are very laid back, the island is serene, and you will completely relax on your day trips to the most surreal places!

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Thailand – Lisu Lodge

This beautiful authentic lodge is surrounded by rice fields. You’ll have not only a mostly digital-free holiday (there is an internet connection, but just in the common areas) but also a ‘responsible’ holiday because the lodge is part of a community project for preserving the heritage of the hill tribes.

The staff is amiable, the food excellent and if you are looking for a tranquil and secluded place, you’ll love this lodge. You can watch the video below to get a good impression of the lodge and its surroundings.

Connection: they do have WiFi, but only in the common areas
WiFi-Free activities: explore the outdoors, visit the village nearby, lounge, enjoy the magnificent views, go mountain biking, rafting
Relaxing vibe: this is a very peaceful place to relax

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Thailand – Chiva Som Wellness Retreats

Ready to go all out on your digital detox? If you’ve got the budget for it, then we’ve got something for you. If you are looking for a luxurious digital detox, the Chiva Som Wellness Retreat is the place to be. They are quite strict: you can’t take your phone anywhere outside your room. This place looks like heaven with its beautiful decor and its wellness treatments.

This isn’t just any resort: it’s entirely focussed on improving your health and emotional wellbeing. You can undertake all sorts of activities, from yoga to cooking classes to aquatic therapy. They even offer retreats that focus on a specific topic like emotional wellbeing, cranial relief, and yoga.

Connection: they do have an internet connection, but you are not allowed to use your phone or laptop in public areas
WiFi-Free activities: take part in all sorts of activities like meditation, yoga, cooking classes, pilates, Thai boxing or aqua aerobics
Relaxing vibe: this resort is entirely focussed on offering guests a quiet and relaxing stay without distractions from the outside world

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