What is a better feeling than stepping into your bed after a long day? You (hopefully) spend eight hours or more in your bedroom. Decorating your bedroom in a way that is relaxing and calm will not only make you enjoy being in the room more, it also improves your sleep. But where to start? We’ve searched high and low for fabulous and luxurious examples of bedroom cocoons. Let’s get inspired by our ideas for a relaxing bedroom!

Most relaxing bedroom

1. Use a neutral color scheme

Relaxing bedroom
Photo by Coco Lapine Design

Did you know that using neutral colors in your bedroom is a great idea? The owners of this lovely home got that message. They decorated their bedroom in neutral tones to make it as relaxing as possible. The art above the bed gives the room a subtle pop of color.

If you are thinking about redecorating your bedroom, keep the color scheme in mind. Pick calm and cool colors like white, blue or green. Make sure you use a color with low saturation. It is best to avoid bright colors like pink, red or orange because they cause arousal instead of having a calming effect.

2. Place the right plants in your bedroom

Now we are here in this beautiful room, I’d like to point out another great idea for a relaxing bedroom: keeping plants in your bedroom.

Relaxing bedroom
Photo by Coco Lapine Design

As you can see, a large plant is placed in the corner of the bedroom. And this is no ordinary plant (although it actually is a quite common houseplant): it has one great quality! The plant pictured here is a rubber plant. Rubber plants are known to purify the air in your home.

Next to ventilating your bedroom and possibly using an air purifier with a filter, adding air purifying plants to your bedroom is a great idea. According to feng shui, you should not place a big plant in a small bedroom or too close to the bed [1].

3. Choose luxurious bedding

Wouldn’t it be great to enter your bedroom and get the feeling you just walked into a luxurious hotel room? You might think that that would be impossible, but there are some great ways to give your room the relaxing, lavish feeling of a boutique hotel.

The first way is layering your bed with good quality bedding. Add some beautiful pillows, a nice blanket, and a fluffy wool comforter. You’ll instantly upgrade your room!

Relaxing bedroom
Photo by Lovelyliving.com

4. Throw in a sheep’s skin

A few months ago, I’ve bought myself a gorgeous sheep’s skin. The cozy feel, the natural look and the beauty of the skin keep amazing me every day. A sheep’s skin is a great addition to any bedroom. You can put your sheep’s skin on a chair or add it to your bedding. When buying a sheep’s skin, look for a skin that isn’t heavily processed and originates from a sheep-friendly farm.

Most relaxing bedroom sheepskin

5. Add flowers to your bedroom

Design bedroom for sleep

Adding flowers to your bedroom is a simple and effective way to make your room more pleasant and relaxing. Research shows that having flowers present increases happiness and triggers other positive emotions, even in the long term.

6. Add warm lighting to your bedroom

Check if your lamps add some coziness to your room. Lighting can do wonders but it can also totally kill the vibe of your bedroom. Be careful when picking lights for your room and make sure they give off a warm light.

Adding Himalaya salt lamps to your bedroom will instantly make your room more relaxing. They give off a natural warm light.

Relaxing bedroom

Adding candles to your bedroom is also a great way to make your room feel cozier. Make sure you buy beeswax candles for optimal relaxation and a healthy home environment.

7. Get a nightstand with drawers

If you are like me, the top of your nightstand will be loaded with books (and your glasses, and a water bottle, and a lamp and…). Having immediate access to all your items might seem handy, but it does look a bit cluttered. You can easily solve this problem by getting a nightstand with drawers. Just put your books in the top drawer and you can still easily access them, but they don’t clutter your room.

Relaxing bedroom
My piles of books in the top drawer of my nightstand

8. Use natural materials like wood

Research indicates that spending time in nature helps to ease stress. We spend most of our time indoors, so why not bring some natural materials into our home? Adding real wood to your bedroom can create a more relaxing environment. You can add wooden accessories, a wooden nightstand or buy a wooden bed.

“An Austrian study examined the heart rates of 30 people who slept in a Stone Pine bed for 3 weeks and compared it to their heart rates when sleeping in a wood imitation bed for 3 weeks. Sleeping in a stone pine bed reduced heart rates by 3,500 beats per day compared to when subjects were sleeping in a wood imitation bed” – Makeitwood.org

Relaxing bedroom

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