If you are looking for a new bed, you might be wondering: “Does my new bed really need a headboard?”. I know I asked myself this question more than once and I ended up owning beds with and without a headboard.

While we recommend you pick a bed you love, it is a good idea to consider the pros of a bed with a headboard, especially when you are buying an expensive new bed. It’s not an item you want to replace every year. So, before you decide on your new bed, read our reasons for having a headboard first.


Reasons to have a headboard

1. A headboard improves the Feng Shui of your bedroom

According to the rules of Feng Shui, a headboard provides you with a feeling of support, safety, and stability in life. Not any headboard will do; it has to be sturdy and can’t wobble. According to Feng Shui, you’ll definitely need a headboard and should consider the positioning of your bed for optimal energy flow.  Be extra cautious when your bed is placed in front or under a window.

2. Your headboard serves as a backrest

If you are a bookworm or like to binge watch your favorite Netflix series in bed, having a headboard is almost a necessity. Of course, you can sit up against the wall, but it won’t be as comfortable as sitting up against a nice, soft headrest. A headboard will make your bed even more comfortable.

3. A headboard can be a handy storage place

We love efficiency! If you keep a lot of things in your bedroom or if your bedroom is tiny, a headboard can offer some extra storage space. There are lots of great looking headboards with shelves or storage compartments. You can even buy headboards that double as a bookcase. Headboards with storage room are also a great addition to your bedroom if you don’t have room for nightstands.


4. It prevents your head from touching the wall

Everyone that hit their head against the wall while moving in a headboard-less bed raise their hand. That hurts, right? I regularly hit my head while trying to get up to lean against the wall behind my bed. Now I have a bed with a headboard; this never happens to me anymore.

A headboard also prevents you from making your wall look greasy. If you sleep in a bed without a headboard, you sometimes touch the wall with your head. And we all know our hair can be greasy and our heads sweaty. Having a headboard in place will prevent this.

5. A headboard will keep your pillows in place

This seems like a very dull reason, but remember this if you buy a bed without a headboard and your pillows keep falling off your bed. Even when your bed is up against a wall, your pillows will still find their way to that small opening between your bed and the wall.

6. It just looks great

Your bed is your most prominent piece of furniture in your bedroom. So why not go all out with a beautiful headboard? You can buy headboards in all kinds of designs and make it as subtle or extravagant as you want. A headboard can really complete your bed and make it look extra inviting.

5 examples of great headboards

Now you know why you need a headboard, let’s get inspired by all the gorgeous headboard out there. We’ll also provide you with some great DIYs for making your own headboard.

Rattan Bed Headboard


1. This great rattan bed from Anthropologie

We love this beautiful rattan bed. It has a headboard but doesn’t feel heavy. It doesn’t matter what your bedroom style is, this bed will fit in great.

Buy at Anthropologie

Separate headboard

2. Midway Headboard from Urban Outfitters

If you already have a bed and want to add a separate headboard this headboard looks like a great choice. It’s available in multiple colors and has a soft and neutral look.

Buy at Urban Outfitters

Morocco Headboard

3. A laser-cut headboard

This Moroccan Headboard from West Elm looks great! The pattern is cut by using a laser and is inspired by Moroccan geometric patterns. You can add a nice Killim area rug to complete the look.

Buy at West Elm

Ikea Brimnes Headboard

4. A headboard with storage room from Ikea

Of course we love this one! We all know we can trust Ikea when it comes to smart storage solutions. Their BRIMNES headboard is a great example. This sturdy and handy headboard will be a great addition to your bedroom.

Buy at Ikea

Tufted Wingback Bed

5. An amazing tufted wingback bed from Anthropologie

If you are looking for a dramatic and beautiful look, this is the bed for you. With its big and soft headboard, this bed looks very comfortable.

Buy at Anthropologie

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