When I moved into my new home, I was wondering: how do I create a relaxing bathroom? A bathroom is the ultimate place to relax. It’s a place for self-care, winding down or preparing for the day/night. In our lifetime we spend the equivalent of one year, seven months and 15 days in our bathroom [1]. That’s a very compelling reason to make your bathroom as cozy and beautiful as possible.

Luxurious and relaxing bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t sound like an easy project. But there are other ways than completely remodeling your bathroom to make it feel more luxurious, cozy and relaxing. We’ve found 11 great bathroom ideas to get you started!

1. Declutter and clean

Having dirty laundry and your complete makeup collection lying around won’t give you a relaxed feeling. The first step to upgrading your bathroom is getting rid of all the stuff that makes your bathroom feel cluttered or dirty.

Give your bathroom a deep clean after decluttering and your bathroom will instantly look and feel nicer.

2. Get yourself a beautiful and closed off laundry basket

If you have to keep your dirty laundry in your bathroom, make sure you use a great looking laundry basket. It’s not all about beauty with this item: make sure it’s not see-through and you can close it with a lid. Seeing, or even worse, smelling your dirty laundry won’t make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa.

3. Upgrade your towels

Wrapping yourself in a big, warm towel after getting out from under the shower or out of your bath is heavenly! If you want to optimize your experience it’s a great idea to upgrade your towels. Having fluffy, big, crisp white towels will add luxury to your bathroom.

Already have a set of good quality towels? Don’t forget to replace them every 2 or 3 years to keep the spa experience up!

4. Use matching dispensers and accessories

Bathroom Ideas
Photo by InteriorJunkie.com

This is one of my favorite bathroom ideas! If you are like me, you have a lot of different bottles for all of your soaps and hair products. They all have different shapes, colors, and sizes. A great and easy way to make your bathroom feel cozier and relaxing is by using matching dispensers and accessories.

You can buy a dispenser for your hand soap and get a matching cup for your toothbrush. There are some beautiful sets to choose from. Don’t forget the stuff you use when showering or bathing: your shower will seem a lot less cluttered when you buy matching dispensers for your soap and shampoo.

5. Add a plant to your bathroom

Plants bring some life into your bathroom. If you have space, buy a big plant to create a big impact. Did you know there are plants that purify the air? Some of them not only look great, they also make the air in your bathroom healthier.

The green color and natural feel of plants are also aesthetically pleasing. Plants will make your bathroom more relaxing.

6. Use wooden items

Bathroom Ideas
Great use of wood. Photo by Ideiasdecor.com

Adding wood to any room makes it look warmer and more natural. Wooden products are very durable and can add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom. Add a wooden side table next to your bath, a wooden ladder for your towels or a wooden board over your bathtub.

“Wood products within a room have been shown to improve indoor air quality by moderating humidity. This effect occurs due to wood absorbing and releasing moisture in order to maintain equilibrium with the surrounding air, known as the equilibrium moisture content.” – Planet Ark

7. Light your bathroom with candles

A warm bath, some nice music, and the soft light of a few candles: what is more relaxing than that? Adding some candles to your bathroom will turn your bathroom into a home spa. If you want to get some candles, be sure to pick beeswax candles.

8. Buy a beautiful lamp for your bathroom

When decorating a bathroom, we only think about how functional the lightning has to be. Does this lamp give enough light to do my makeup or shaving? Does it help me to find that stubborn chin hair I always seem to miss? We rarely buy a beautiful lamp for this room. That’s a shame because adding a gorgeous lamp to your bathroom will really spice it up. A good way to do this is by keeping the light above or near your mirror functional and also hanging a great looking lamp in the middle of the room.

9. Upgrade your tap

When you rent your house you are probably very unimpressed with the bathroom fixtures (I know I am). A super simple bathroom idea is getting yourself a new tap for your bathroom sink. There are some great looking and affordable options out there and it is very easy to install a new tap yourself. If you move to another house, take it with you and put the old one back.

10. Replace your mirror

Bathroom Ideas Mirror
Add a big mirror to make your bathroom more luxurious. Photo by The Effortless Chic

A mirror has a very prominent place in your bathroom. You also look at it every single day, multiple times a day. Having a chipped or cheap looking mirror will not make your bathroom feel cozy and luxurious. Trade in that old mirror for a new one and it will instantly upgrade your bathroom.

If you have the space for it, hang a big mirror, a mirror with a large frame or one with an original shape.


11. Essential oils

Having an unpleasant smelling bathroom can be a problem. If your bathroom doesn’t smell like roses, first start with ventilating it properly. To give it a nice smell, try some essential oils. Pick a eucalyptus or menthol oil to get the real spa experience or pick lemon oil to make your bathroom smell extra clean.

Learn more about using essential oils in your home. 

Bonus tip! (not simple though)

If you can afford it and if you are allowed to modify your bathroom tiles, adding high-quality and original looking tiles to a small part of your bathroom can do wonders! It will instantly make your bathroom look more luxurious.

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