Start Cocooning now!

These 4 steps will guide you:

Step 1 – Do the Rat Race Test

The Rat Race Test:

  • Will take only 5 minutes
  • Gives you direct insights into how relaxed your week has been
  • Will help you track the progress of your personal relaxation plan in course of time

Start the test now!

Step 2 – Build your Cocoon

Having a sacred place where you can sit back and relax is key in building a more relaxed lifestyle. Find inspiration, product reviews and the latest developments on smart solutions to build your cocoon!

Step 3 – Add relaxing elements to your life

Good news! Relaxation is a skill. This means that it is something that you can learn and practice. We all have our own preferences and not everyone will relax in the same way. We will help you collect the right tools and techniques for your personal relaxation plan. Learn about best practices and read our reviews on the relaxing techniques we have tested!

Coming soon: our own Cocooner course!

Step 4 – Track your progress

You have done the Rat Race Test (step 1), built your cocoon (step 2), explored relaxing techniques and picked the ones that were most appealing to you (step 3). Now it’s time to practice and look at the impact! Keep track on progress to be sure that what you’re doing is leading to more relaxation, health and fun!

Like all developments, it’s totally normal that it can go up and down in course of time, but it’s import to see an upward trend! Use our tracker for FREE.

It’s a journey

We wish you all luck on your journey! One day it will go easier than the other. That is normal and okay. Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do. As human beings we’re are used to our rhythms, patterns and to how we have done it all those times. Every change starts with a first step. Take it easy and enjoy your journey.

You are not alone on this journey. We’re building a community for support, sharing and learning together. You’re invited to join us. Please feel free to sign up for our tribe, leave a comment or send a message at hello [@]

With love,